Foot Bottom Festival
Bare-soled sex appeal radiates from a dozen delectable foot-maidens! Chiara Byron sprawls glamorously, Nikki Nova and Julia Parton display soles happily, Jessie Capelli floor-crawls provocatively, Heather Stewart and Shayla Stevens entangle their bare feet alluringly, Jacynda Castle oils her soles teasingly, Cassandra Dalton and Cindy Schubert show off their foot-bottoms proudly, Sadie Atkins presses her peds against a glass table-top experimentally, and Tera Patrick curls up with Odessa Malevich affectionately!
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In Love With Bare Feet

Toes! Soles! Thrills!

Beautiful But Dirty

Sparkling Toes

Sizzling Sandals

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