Toe Sucking Revenge!
Heather Stewart revels in the power that her new job gives her - especially the power to force rival executive April Kelly to strip naked and worship her bare feet! But Heather's power isn't unlimited, as she learns when her boss makes her kneel before April and demonstrate her toe-sucking skills!

Gamine Isabella Blue mouths her own tootsies in a brief interlude before dedicated nurse Chanta Rose applies her lips to the soft feet of her patient Hana Dubcek! Chanta's skilled sole- licking revives Hana so effectively that she's soon sucking the cute blonde's red-nailed toes!

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Hot Mouths/Wet Toes

Foot-Worship Holiday!

Tongues Touch Tootsies

Three Cheers For Foot-Worship!

Luscious Ladies Lick Tasty Toes!

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