Girls Tickle Girls
Yes, delicate ladies can get excited when they start tickling each other! Begin with "therapist" Jordan Molloy, who ties down super-ticklish Tiffany Thomas for a "treatment" that makes poor Tiff squeal and squirm! But Jordan learns that her bare soles and underarms don't handle tickle torment very well either!

Mischievous Jana Cova can't resist overpowering and hogtying tiny Ann Harlow so she can work over Ann's white-stockinged soles, while Mackenzie Montgomery alternates between tickling Victoria Vogel's bare feet and her oh-so-sensitive ribs! Hogtied and stockinged Savannah Carlton offers a temptation that Cindy Schubert won't overlook! Blair Cassidy extracts plenty of giggling from roped-up Jade Myers, but discovers that she's got an even more desperate case of the tickles once Jade gets a shot at her soft bare soles!

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