Couples Bound By Criminals!
Guys and girls find adventure in eight different scenarios. Unfortunately for them, they end up bound and gagged every time. First, Celeste Starr and Johnny are snooping around an old house looking for treasure. These pesky kids aren't going to get in the way of real treasure hunters. Gwen Stanley and Rio go into an area of the park that is off-limits. They soon find out why. Timmy and Noelle Nash are honeymooning when they get a surprise they never expected. Marlena Mercurio (totally nude!) and Brent are tied and gagged while sunbathing. A crook binds and gags pretty co-ed Michelle Curtis and Vector. Superstar singer Edanya and her manager and tied up together by a robber. Shannon and Vince are not to competent security guards who are overpowered by a thief. Shay Ruskin and Adam are the victims of a robber who subdues them with rope and tape!
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Couples Captured In Rope And Tape

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Couples Bound By Criminals!

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