Toe-Sucking Angel
If you had the chance to worship Laurie Wallace’s enticing bare feet, you’d do it with the same sensual desire revealed by Angel Cassidy! But Angel also brings a hot body and alluring face to the action, so it’s not surprising when Laurie takes over and mouths her girlfriend’s toes and soles in turn! Tracy Hughes and her gal-pal Elle would rather taste their own toes so they dive into a self-sucking contest!

When Zana Swift and Amber Ways find themselves barefoot at the dining table, they can’t resist snacking on each other’s tootsies! All by herself, fun-loving Nicole Sheridan wraps her lips around her own feet! For a foot-feast finale, busty little Erica Campbell tongues the toes of Alicia Silver, whose wet mouth gets intimate with Erica’s tasty peds!

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