The Plight Of Powerless MIB's!
Crude and callous Regina Bartkowski double-crosses her partner in crime, Chad. The blonde beauty ends up with all the loot while Chad is left chair bound and cleave gagged! Fantasizing of being a 007 babe, Isabella Janacek sets her sights on her own dream spy agent, whom by chance, happens to be named James. However, James isn't interested, but that doesn't stop Isabella as she pulls out all the stops to make him hers! Lukas really screwed up this time and his boss Reina isn't too pleased! Knowing his job is on the line, Lukas begs and offers to do anything to keep it. Still fuming, Reina reluctantly agrees and comes up with a humiliating resolution.

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Hunks and Babes: Bound and Gagged

They Tied Us Up!

Tickled Hard

Snatcheded Men!

Tied Up and Abused!

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