The Art of Foot Worship
Sculptress Devin DeMoore loves the feminine form divine - and she passionately adores the beautiful bare feet of cute girls like Charlie who want to model for her! While sketching a nude Charlie for her latest project, Devin becomes so aroused that she wraps her mouth around the surprised model’s toes. Inspired by the artist’s assault, Charlie puts her own tongue and lips to work on Devin’s decorative peds!

Charlie and Devin take their burgeoning romance to the bedroom, where they savor the joys of mutual foot-to-pussy frottage. Driven by desire, they soon lose themselves in a haze of sensual bliss...

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Bare Feet. Wet Mouths!

Toe-Sucking Strangers!

Foot Worship Initiation!

Barefoot Worship

Cell Block Toe Suckers

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