Toe Sucking Trios
When Three foot-loving ladies get together the urge to suck toes can lead to acrobatic arrangements! Just ask Jennifer George, Hana Dubcek, and Karan Mikita, who sit topless in a circle ans they mouth each other's bare feet. Then there's the course of events that begins with Sara Haden wrapping her lips around sultry Becky Rico's sweet feet, continues with Lara Mathias arriving to swallow Sara's peds, and concludes as Becky tongues Lara's toes!

In between the threesomes, Dr. Eve Ellis prescribes mouth manipulation for Odessa Malevich's feet - a treatment that Odessa is happy to reciprocate once Eve slips her shoes off. Alexis Taylor may not be a physician, but she's also a dedicated practitioner of oral treatment applied to pretty feet. Amber Allen is the grateful recipient who pays back with interest!

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