Jun 262016


Secretariesinbondage.com presents – Kenna James, Leah Gotti and Amarna Miller

Tied to a chair and gagged, Amarna Miller was in big trouble, but her friends Leah Gotti and Kenna James came to the rescue with the map that the conspirators demanded. The naive girls thought they’d be allowed to leave after keeping their part of the bargain, but the scheming crooks had other plans so all three soon sat bound and gagged on the floor! Intimidated at first, they began to cooperate in battling their bondage and edged closer to the curtained window in hopes of attracting attention from a passerby. But Kenna, Leah and Amarna finally recognized the unpleasant truth that they were out of their league, a point driven home by the humiliating exposure of their rope-framed breasts!

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Jun 252016


Costumebondage.com presents Carol Luna 

Not far away, Mackenzie’s friend Carol Luna was also enjoying a slow start to her day in robe and lingerie when the same rope-happy character surprised, bound and gagged her in nearly identical fashion! Once Carol was wedged sideways in her armchair, her vulnerable soles received the same attention that Mackenzie’s had and her breasts were also exposed! After roping the gorgeous brunette’s legs closer to her torso, the mystery man left Carol wriggling in wide-eyed disbelief after he disappeared as quickly as he’d arrived!

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Jun 242016


Grabandbind.com presents Niki Lee Young 

Humiliation and vulnerability go hand in hand when Niki Lee Young is tied to a chair, her legs spread wide to expose her pussy. Cleave-gagged and pinned to the chair, the devious blonde wriggles with almost hysterical energy but Keira Kelly’s agent of vengeance has done his work well! For a moment, Niki’s relieved when her legs are released from their uncomfortable spread, but less happy when her ankles are bound and her bare feet suspended high in the air; misery reaches its peak when her soles are tickled to the accompaniment of agonized squealing!

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Jun 172016


Helplessheroines.com presents Brooklyn Chase and Aubrielle Summer

A stirring bondage drama begins to unfold when Eden Wells and her partner in crime drag captives Aubrielle Summer and Brooklyn Chase into the room! Already stripped to their panties, Brooklyn and Aubrielle protest loudly but are quickly silenced with tape-gags; after their bare breasts are framed with rope and their ankles and knees bound by Eden and her associate, the helpless girls sit fearfully on the floor at the mercy of their captors. But Eden receives a bitter surprise when she’s seized by her treacherous partner; after the dust clears, the blonde bad girl’s been deprived of everything but her panties and now struggles in bondage next to the two bound brunettes. Before exiting with 100% of the loot, the energetic thug hogties all three women, who writhe side-by-side in an eye- popping tableau of body-arching and bare soles!

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Jun 122016


Secretariesinbondage.com presents – Kendra James

Bad girl Scarlet Banks likes what she sees when she encounters expertly- roped and tape-gagged hostage Kendra James! Stylishly dressed in a tight top, short skirt and pumps, Kendra’s stunned when horny Scarlet crawls onto the bed where she’s been confined and begins to explore her bound body! However, when the angry redhead kicks at her tormentor, Scarlet shows her nasty side by hogtying Kendra, stealing her shoes and laughing at her noisy writhing!

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